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Zites assists with the search for and survey of telecom sites, with drawing up the plans, defending and applying for the necessary permits, until completion.
Zites is thé complete infrastructure manager for telecom operators.


Building national telecom networks is a complex matter. It starts with finding suitable locations for antennas, measuring and drawing up plans, defending and applying for the necessary permits, until the completion of the site. Zites combines all these elements in an end-to-end service package supported by experience and expertise.

Efficiency and quality are key elements of any modern business story. In the telecom market, speed and flexibility have become additional factors. As a household name in the telecoms market since 2006, Zites boasts an extensive surveying experience and its site acquisition have made it thé reference for players such as Base and Telenet.

In doing so, Zites has proved it can achieve what no one else can:

  • State of premises or topography
  • We make the impossible possible. We get it done!
  • Cost efficiency through experience and 'first time right' approach
  • One stop solution: successful delivery of end-to-end process
  • Upscaling options of Bulgarian staff
  • Short time-to-market
  • Extensive surveying experience focused on site acquisition
  • Use of new technological applications such as GIS and drones
  • End-to-end services 


An efficient process

Knowhow and a proper preliminary study guarantee our 'first time right' approach.

The application of new technologies

The use of drones and GIS enhances the quality of our service and final product.

Our eye for talent

We attract the most suitable people for the job, people who can finalize the planned projects as efficiently and qualitatively as possible.

A clear focus on our services and their completion:

Site acquisition, Architecture and design, Engineering services (Radio, Stability & Site), Installation & construction services, Site maintenance 

Delineation and definition of our value propositions


The Zites Workforce Acquisition Team delivers end-to-end services. These services let the customer choose an all-in package to manage their project from start to finish.

The Zites approach includes a set of value propositions which, as a whole, constitute Zites’ main offer, but which can be accessed separately as well.

Zites value propositions:

  • Site acquisition
  • SOP: State of Premises
  • BPC: Building Permit Coordination
  • DSS & RSS: Direct and Reverse site sharing
  • ‘Buy and rent back’

End-to-end services:

  • Acquisition and support
  • Architecture and design
  • Stability engineering
  • Site engineering
  • Radio engineering
  • Installation & construction
  • Site maintenance